As a seasoned luxury wedding photographer, I am honored to invite you into a world where love blossoms into art, and every click of the camera captures not just moments, but emotions that echo through time. I specialize in curating editorial, intimate, and bold snapshots that encapsulate the very essence of your special day.

Beyond the lens, I'm a devoted mother of two and a proud military wife, a testament to the strength and tenderness that intertwine in life's most precious relationships. My love for photography has been further enriched by my passion for travel, enabling me to document love stories in the most enchanting corners of the world.

My heart finds its greatest joy in immortalizing the bond between two souls, in all its euphoric and timeless splendor. Whether it's the stolen glances, the heartfelt promises, or the exuberant celebrations, I am there to ensure that each detail is forever etched in the tapestry of your journey.

With an unrelenting dedication to my craft, I take pride in being a master of the art of photography. Every frame is meticulously composed, every angle meticulously chosen, to create visuals that transcend mere photographs and become portals to the emotions felt on that very day.

Your special day is not just an event; it's a symphony of emotions, and I am here to harmonize with your story. Your dreams, your vision, your love – they become my muse. With every shot, I aim to create a narrative that is as unique and beautiful as the couple it portrays.

I welcome you to explore my portfolio, to witness the love stories I've had the privilege to narrate through my lens. From the laughter-filled embraces to the tender whispers, each image is a chapter in the grand story of love – a story I am both humbled and excited to tell.

Thank you for considering me to be a part of your journey. Your special day is just as special to me, and I can't wait to capture the moments that will become your cherished memories.

With love and excitement,

Your's Truly


New testimonial

I’m not sure where to even start about how WONDERFUL Angela truly is. We hired Angela for our engagement photos & wedding and she completely blew us out of the water with her talent. Everyone knows how chaotic a wedding day can be and getting the perfect shots. Angela was patient and clam during our wedding day and made me feel like I had nothing to stress about. She knows exactly how to shift around and grab every shot you ask for. We love our gallery and loved feeling stress free about photos on our day.